Saturday, February 26, 2011

TOF - (Twitcy Order Finger)

So I had an attac of TOF and accedently ordered a 5SD Quintus. It was a combination of him being awfully cute, free shipping and layaway that got my finger to twitch and order him. At least that's what I suspect caused it. LOL

I'm not sure yet if he'll have orange hair and eyes or green hair and green eyes. His name is going to be Desmo. It's short for Desmodus Rotundus.

I'm very excited and can't wait to get him.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Waiting again.

I have been wanting a DollZone WS Aimi for a very long time and the other day I was finally able to order her. The next day her name came to me. She's going to be Tindra which is a Swedish name and means shimmer. I think it'll be just right for her. I have had her wig and eyes for quite a while and I'm so looking forward to getting her home.

I cut Aimi's face out of a picture from the site and fused it on a photo I had of Miripihka trying out her wig. I also changed the colour of the eyes. It's far from perfect but it gives me a sense of how she'll look.

I have also ordered a dress for her from Sharon and I think it'll be beautiful. I have the fabric myself and shall send it to her. I just hope the shoes I ordered the other day will match. Keep your fingers crossed! LOL