Monday, February 4, 2013

Wishing for spring

Not long ago I got a bunch of new clothes for the bigger kids - as in LittleFees. The other day all my LittleFee girls decided that since Maylea had put on a new (It was actually one of the first dresses she ever got) dress after she got home they wanted to put on something else too. So they looked through the new stuff, mixed it with some old things and all changed.

A couple of years ago Gro (PKF Shiwoo girl) got the idea that putting on something more spring-like would make spring arrive earlier. I'm afraid that it has since been a superstition among my resin kids. I just can't convince them it's not true. And who knows . . . . I mean it's not like I have any idea when spring would arrive this year if they didn't change their clothes.

Anyway here they're all hanging out on their usual shelf - except Fiona who's watching the PukiFees. (She thinks it's haaaard work!)