Friday, January 22, 2010

The long and sad story

At the same time I ordered my Real Pukis - September 11th - I made another order at Fairyland for a female MNF Shiwoo and a LittleFee Ante elf. They were supposed to be send directly to Italy to a face-up artist. But because they didn't have the correct phone number the Italien customs send the dolls back to Fairyland - despite the fact that the face-up artist had both phoned them and written e-mails to them. Sigh!

After the dolls came back to Fairyland I had them send to me and they are currently at the Danish customs. Hopefully I'll get them next week some time.They I'll have to send the head/face-plate off for face-up. It's so annoying because they should have been here ages ago. It's been more than 4 month. Sigh again!

On the brigther side in December I ordered a Feilian 3 fullset and a BB Ani from DollZone Spain. This means I'll also get two Christmas babies. I asked for B and D. They said in my order status that the dolls are supposed to be shipped from DollZone China on January 25th. That is very very fast! I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's true.

In November I got the AOD Rao I ordered. She's so beautiful and I'm so glad I decided to get her in tan. Meet my new girl DeeDee

Her name is actually Deelafay Ashgrove but she grew up under the name Deirdre Crumplebottom but the reason for this is a long story - and I'm not going to tell you at the moment.

She looks very striking but the pictures aren't really that good. I got to get some better ones. Even though she looks so striking her personallety is very quiet. She's not shy or paticular introvert just very calm and relaxed and never making a big deal about herself . . or anything else for that matter.