Monday, October 26, 2009

What I never got around to do.

There have been things happening I never got around to post about so I'll try and catch up a bit.

First of all my three Custom House babies - Krusemynte, Pipaluk and Kristoffer got home from Australia. That is their heads got home. They had visited my friend Whitewings and she gave the the most wonderful face-ups.




And here they are all together.

I just love how they look now.

I wasn't quite happy with the wig Emmelia was wearing. It was a perfect colour but there was something about the style that was wrong. Then I got some wigs I ordered from Acquire a while ago. I thought I'd try one on her and it was PERFECT!

And one more picture because I just love how she looks in it.

Something very exciting has happened. My RealPukis Bille (Soso) and Humle (Tyni) are on their way home. They actually arrived in Denmark Sunday early afternoon wich means they'll have to spend the rest of Sunday and the night - at least - in that nasty evil place called customs. My poor babies!

I just hope the custom people will decide how much they want in ransom first thing Monday and send my little ones on their way to me.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little creature in the garden

Yesterday I opened the door to my garden just a little bit to get some fresh air in and then I went shopping for groseries forgetting to close it. When I came back I found Gro talking to this little creature. Gro says she's called Onion and that she's homeless and can she please stay? It seems Gro found her in the garden nakid and very cold.

She doesn't say much and she speaks so quiertly and is very difficult to understand. Gro seems to be the only one who understand what Onion is saying. She's very cute though.