Friday, March 25, 2011

New beautiful eyes

I resently got som new eyes from Ginarolo on DOA For quite a while I have wanted to upgrade Gro's eyes. They used to be Safrin Doll acrylics but now she has beautiful glass eyes. She also got a haircut. But she says that if you liked her braids not to worry because her hair will grow out again. (As in I still have the other wig. LOL)

While I was at it I ordered some new eyes for Miripihka. I have been trying to find the right eyes for her ever since I got her. I didn't like her default eyes at all. I never succeeded - not until now that is. These are PERFECT IMO. It's just her eyes. It's such an amazing feeling when you find something and it turns out to be just perfect.

I just love this girl so much.

I also bought a MNF Lishe head at The Marketplace at DOA. It was so beautiful and I have wanted a Lishe for a long time. I only want the head though because even though I love the MNF body I want most of my girls - and guys - to be taller. So if I find a MNF head I want at The Marketplace and the price is resonable I'll get it if I can find the money.

This head is a WS and has a really nice face-up. She's going to have a DollZone body even though I'm not sure how their WS resin match the Fairyland WS resin. I'll just have to see when the head gets here.