Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Comming home

My two heads arrived home from Xhanthi's spa not long ago. I'm very very happy with them both.

Maylea (DollZone BB Ani) had a new wig - well actually three new wigs - waiting for her. I also ordered some new eyes for her but thay haven't arrived yet. I was planning to use her old eyes until the new ones arrived but do you think I could rember where I put them? I know I put them somewhere safe so they wouldn't get loost. If I just knew where that was!

Anyway I had a look at the eyes I had and decided to tey these. They are the very first eyes I ever ordered five years ago. They were ment for Ilvare my DollZone Feilian who was the first doll I ordered. (But not the first one to arrive)On the DollZone site they said that she should have 16mm eyes but they are way way too big. She now wears 12mm. These eyes are 17mm Masterpiece eyes and I adore the colour. They have just been laying around ever since because none of my dolls have ever worn anything bigger than 14mm. I like them so much in Maylea that she might end up keeping them though.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Juri 2010

Back in 2010 I got a Juri event head from Fairyland. I was planning to sell it cause I didn't like it much. I never got around to actually selling her and that's a really good thing. After seeing other Juri 2010 with face-ups I changed my mind and decided I really liked her. So off she went with Maylea to visit the very talented Xhanthi for a face-up. And I must say I think the result is amazing. I wish I could order her a body right away. For some wierd reason both Senja (MiniFee modded Shushu sleeping face) and Seffia (MiniFee Chloe) looks a bit worried. Roeskva (MiniFee Shiwoo girl) on the other hand seem very confidet I won't snatch her body. LOL

And here's the pictures from Xhanthi.

Now I just have to wait for them to get home.


Friday, January 4, 2013


First of all Happy New Year to everyone who reads this. Last year - not so long ago - I send two heads to Xhanthi for face-ups. One of them was my DollZone BB Ani. I always thought her face-up was too pale for her. Especially since she's a very intense girl. She's a sweet girl but feels everything so strongly and have quite a temper. She has a loving heart - sometimes a little too loving for her own good.

This is how she used to look - except she got brown eyes after that picture was taken.

And these are the pictures I got from Xhanthi of the finished face-up.

I'm just so much in love whith how she looks now I had to order three new wigs just for her. I mean look at her! Can you blame me?