Sunday, May 26, 2013

A huge pacage

In February I ordered a MiniFee body for Charlotta my Juri 2010 head. I ordered it with a Ruth head because I have been wanting a Ruth guy on a DollZone body for a long time. The reason I want a DollZone body is so he'll be taller. (46cm) I also ordered a LittleFee Reni with face-up. A couple of days ago the pacage finally arrived.

I have posted pictures of Charlotta before (borrowing a body) so there's not much news in that but Reni . . . . OMG I love her. Yes she's a girl. I ordered a LittleFee Lishe not long ago and I'm going to make him a boy. He and Reni will just swap bodies when he gets here.

Anyway here's pictures of my new girl Ellie


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Knitting project

A wile ago I got inspired to start knitting again. Now I can't knit much because if I do more than a little every day my hands will hurt. However that's the good thing about doll clothes they don't take that long.

Seffia imidiately claimed the dress I knitted. She actually claimed it even before it was finished.

She also has a new wig and I really love it. This super short cut looks so good on her but the blond wig was too light. This one is perfect


Monday, May 20, 2013

How to Get a New Doll Very Cheap

Back when I got my PukiFee Mio Glitch she was a total impulse buy. I was getting something else from Denver Doll Imposium and they had her in stock. I had the money - almost - so I bought her. Resently I have been looking at her wishing I had a Vanilla or a Zoe or something instead.

Then I saw the cutest modded Bonnie face-plate up for trade at The Marketplace. And one of the things the owner wished to trade her with was a Mio with default face-up. It was even inside EU so no problem with customs. That Bonnie just grabed my heart imidiatly so I send the owner a PM and now I have a new doll and she only cost me the shipping.

So meet Liz.
I had her wig laying around and also her eyes. The minut I saw her face-plate I knew she had red hair. I wasn't sure about the eyes but they are perfect for her. She's somewhat different from my other PukiFees because they're all very confident and more or less cheeky. Lis is a little unsure of herself and a very sweet girl.

Here's my PukiFee army except Mims my ws Bonnie mermaid. (I'm considering selling her. Perhaps I'll get a Vanilla instead.)