Friday, November 30, 2012


The Momocolor Emma I've been waiting for arrived a little while ago. I had ordered a pair of Enchanted eyes for her, but I wasn't sure I'd use them since they were a little more orange and less brown than I expected. I put them in her when she came home and they are growing on me. I think she's keeping them.

She took a little longer to arrive home because she visited Spain and my friend Sharon on the way. Wich means she arrived with two beautiful outfits. So without further delay meet Fiona.

When she arrived it turned out that she was actually the long lost older sister of my PukiFee Cupid Snowdrop. See how alike they look?


Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hi my name is Dustbunnie and I'm addicted to wigs. I especially love wigs in heat resistant fibers. They are so soft and wonderful. When I had ordered my Momocolor Emma I thought I'd better buy her a wig. And before I knew it I had bought three.

Since I figure Emma has the same size head as a MiniFee Roeskva (MNF Shiwoo girl) is modeling the wigs here.

Roeskva wants to keep the last wig tho0ugh and I might let her.

Not long after recieving those I got some Happy Camille wigs I ordered from Ersa Flora a long time ago. I find it a little dissapointing that there are so few styles available for the smaler heads. (Like all not SD heads) I love all the colour choices though. I just wish I could get them in heat resistant fibers.
This is one of them - a new wig for Vendelin. I really loved her old wig . . . at least until the "updo" fell apart. I'm never buying another wig with an updo. The new one is pretty on her too though.

Fianlly I notised Jpop had gotten a couple of new styles and imidiately had to order three. But I'll show those later.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Long time no blog

Well it has "only" been 6 month. LOL A lot have happened since then though. First of all I got the LittleFee Pipi girl I have been wanting from LittleFees first came out. Her face-up is by Sims, her wig is from Jpop and her eyes are Enchanted eyes. Meet Rowan.

Then I bought a LittleFee Ante face-plate at the Marketplace. It's a modded sleeping plate. Her name is Salvia.

The next doll I got was also a LittleFee - a Chloe this time. Her name is Topple.

At the same time as I got Topple I got two PukiFees. The first one was a Zio called Piil. In Danish pil means arrow or willow. I only spelled her name with doubble i to make English speaking people pronaunce it more the right way. She's a determend little lady that one. See what I mean?

And then there was a Mio that was in stock and that I added to my order just before shipment. Her name is Glitch and she's sweet enough except she wants to be different at all costs.

Phew that was a lot of new dolls. LOL At the moment I'm waiting for a Momocolor Emma. Her name is Fiona and she's staying with my friend Sharon at the moment because Sharon is making her two outfits. I'm looking forward to getting her home.