Monday, October 25, 2010

A little one, two face-plates and a big one

I was thinking about getting either a WS PukiFee Bonnie or a WS DollZone Aimi. It was a hard choice but I finally decided on the PukiFee. Leave it up to Fairyland to completly ruin your plans though. Just before I ordered my PukiFee they came out with two new MiniFees and I just fell head over heals with the new Chloe fullset. I just HAD to have her. Apparently I wasn't the only one. After only being up for 12 hours the fullset was sold out!

I was devastated but a couple of hours later Fairyland had decided to make some more fullsets and I hurried to order right away. Phew I managed to get her.

Then while waiting for her I did something baaaad. I had a severe attack of TOF (Twitchy Order Finger) and accedently ordered a PukiFee Ante that ThinkPink had in stock. Meet Sif. (Like the Norse goddess)

She's an orphan but she tells everyone that she's actually a real princess. It's a secret of course. LOL

And things went down hill from there. before I knew it I had bought two LittleFee face-plates - A modded sleeping Rachel and a modded sleeping Shiwoo. The Shiwoo is called Penny

And her cousin is called Shilling. They think of themselves as sisters though. Their moms were identical twins and they spend their first years with their grandmother.

And then Seffia - my MNF Chloe fullset arrived. She had bright turquoise eyes and I didn't like them at all with her other colours.

I imidiately ordered some other eyes but in the meantime I tried another wig on her. I like her so much like this that I was considering keeping her that way.

Then her new eyes arrived. I really loved the colour of her default wig but it wasn't a very good quallety. It was the kind of wig that gets messy really fast. I found this Tinybear wig I bought a long time ago. It didn't work at all for the doll it was intended for but I wanted to try it on Seffia. Especially because it has the same purple colour as her outfit. Even though it doesn't look like that in the pictures because they are not taken in natural light.

I just love her like that. She's soooooo beautiful IMO.


Since last time

I'm not very good at updateing this but I try. At least I try. LOL

I finally got my Breakaway Kieron home. I tell you his body blushing is AWSOME! Take a look

Take a look at his hand! (And Ilvara's)

Getting an adult male doll when you have a bunch of females can make some problems though. You might want to think it through very carefully before doing that. I mean something like this might happen:

LOL Actually he hasn't been unfaithfull to Ilvara. I just HAD to take that picture. After Kieron was seriously wounded Ilvara took care of him and nursed him back to health and they fell in love. Here they are in the sunshine.


Monday, June 14, 2010

I think it's about time I update again. LOL One of the things that has happened since last is that I stumbled upon a modded sleeping Shushu head in the Marketplace at DOA. And I just fell in love with her. She was even in the EU so no problems with customs. I bought her and immediately ordered a wig and some eyes for her. I thought it was okay if it took quite a while before she got a body and was thinking of getting her a DollZone body.

But plans are ruined and not long after this I accidentally saw a MiniFee A-line body - also inside EU - at the Marketplace. I of course had to buy it. So now she's a complete doll. She's got a lot of attitude and I love her.

Her name is Senja and she's an alien but have lived here since she was a little kid around 40 years old. (She's 257 now) She's a shapeshifter but haven't shifted to another form for more than 200 years. (Not since she was 52 and a man tried to harm her. She shifted into a wolfe and killed him. (She and a few others from her world might actually be the origin of the warewolf myth.)

After all this time she's not even sure if she is still able to shift form. And she doesn't know her tru - or origial form. She's so used to posing as a human. The only thing she can't change no matter in what form is her eyes.

Last week I send Kieron's head (Breakawar scar head - and arm) to a face-up artist since I expect his body to arrive at Think Pink any day now. They'll ship the body directly to the artist.

I have never really been happy with Emmelia's face-up so I decided to have her completely redone at the same time. I'm so looking forward to getting them home.

Friday I got a slip from the postman about a pacage and I'm pretty sure it's the LittleFee girl body for Secret (Sleeping Lishe) I ordered a while ago. Her face-plate however is in Sweden with my friend Annefia who's going to give her a face-up.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a dolls world.

Last time I posted I didn't mention it but I was at a creative hobby fair where some BJD people had a stand.

It was really wonderful to meet other people who were interrested in BJDs. I was there both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I got to talk to this girl and we decided she would buy three of my dolls. Tamaya, my Resin Sould Ju that I never really bonded with - I think she disliked me right from the beginning - and Hekla and Eydis, my twin Bobobie Sprites that kind of didn't fit in with the others. I'm very happy with the sale and I like the fact that they stay together.

This also allowed me to order a body for Kieron, my MNF Breakaway scar head and arm - and I've made arrangements for his face-up and blushing. I'm SO looking forward to getting him.

At the moment I'm really looking forward - and getting a bit impatient - to getting Roeskva and Vigdis (Female MNF Shiwoo and LittleFee Ante elf) home. The face-up artis is sick so it'll take a couple of weeks still - at least. Sigh!

Meanwhile I have been thinking a lot about Ilvara and her story. I started a blog about it a while ago. Ilvara's Story.

While thinking about her I realized that all my dolls actually live in this world of their own. They all live in or around a small village called Skovby. The RealPukis, My Sleeping Elf tiny Moona and my Soom Mini Gem Uyoo Elf are all creatures living in the wood. Miripihka lives in a hut by the beach and Ilvara lives in a cottages a little bit away from the village itself. The rest lives in the village.

I made a map of the area. If you click on the pictures you'll get a bigger version in a new window.


I'm so proud of this map I have to post it in this blog too. LOL


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally an update!

I really should update my blog more often. Too many new things to tell all at once this way.

Roeskva and Vigdis (MNF and LittleFee Ante elf) finally arrived and their heads/face-plate was send off to Italy for face-up. This time they arrived safely.

Shortly before that my DollZone babies arrived. Miripihka (Finnish word for amber) the Feilian 3 fullset is soooo beautiful. I just changed her eyes because I didn't like the default ones. Here she is with her default eyes.

And then with the ones I got her

She's a witch and she lives in a hut at the beach. She gather herbs and make potions and help animals like seals. She helps people too but does her best to not let them too close to her. She's mysterious, in some ways withdrawn (but that's mostly to protect herself from being hurt) and she has a purity of heart. She's much more connected to nature than to people. She hasn't told me anything about her background yet so I don't know anything about her parents, her childhood or where she came from. And she is just so incredible beautiful in my opinion -

- and so different from Ilvara my other Feilian! She is holding one of the Christmas babies - baby D - that came with my DollZone order this time.

Isn't he a cute little guy?

I also got Maylea the BB Ani I ordered. I just love her!

She's my little wild thing. She's the kind of kid that will hang by her ankles in the chandelier or jump from the top of the closet onto the bed because she's playing she can fly. She's very active and adventurous and not afraid of anything. She's also full of joy and loves life (and people unless they give her a reason not to) and she feels everything very strongly. She doesn't sit around feeling things though or talk about things - she does things!

Her mother was Ilvara's sister. Her grandmother and Ilvara's mother was a troll, who and what her grandfather was noone knows. It's likely that her dad was human though even if nobody knows who he was. Her mother was killed in some sort of accident and she was send to be reaised by her aunt Ilvara - who didn't even know she had a sister before she was asked to take care of Maylea.


Friday, January 22, 2010

The long and sad story

At the same time I ordered my Real Pukis - September 11th - I made another order at Fairyland for a female MNF Shiwoo and a LittleFee Ante elf. They were supposed to be send directly to Italy to a face-up artist. But because they didn't have the correct phone number the Italien customs send the dolls back to Fairyland - despite the fact that the face-up artist had both phoned them and written e-mails to them. Sigh!

After the dolls came back to Fairyland I had them send to me and they are currently at the Danish customs. Hopefully I'll get them next week some time.They I'll have to send the head/face-plate off for face-up. It's so annoying because they should have been here ages ago. It's been more than 4 month. Sigh again!

On the brigther side in December I ordered a Feilian 3 fullset and a BB Ani from DollZone Spain. This means I'll also get two Christmas babies. I asked for B and D. They said in my order status that the dolls are supposed to be shipped from DollZone China on January 25th. That is very very fast! I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it's true.

In November I got the AOD Rao I ordered. She's so beautiful and I'm so glad I decided to get her in tan. Meet my new girl DeeDee

Her name is actually Deelafay Ashgrove but she grew up under the name Deirdre Crumplebottom but the reason for this is a long story - and I'm not going to tell you at the moment.

She looks very striking but the pictures aren't really that good. I got to get some better ones. Even though she looks so striking her personallety is very quiet. She's not shy or paticular introvert just very calm and relaxed and never making a big deal about herself . . or anything else for that matter.