Sunday, December 16, 2012

And a Teddybear

I'm just crazy at times. I love buying things for my dolls at Etsy. A little while ago I went completely mad and ordered several things. I ordered some fabric - like I needed that. I mean I don't sew myself any more. So why on earth did I need 15 different fabrics? I also ordered a tiny teddybear. It's the only thing that has arrived yet and it's too cute for words. All my PukiFees wanted the bear but the bear decided to belong to Snowdrop - probably because her colours looked good with him.

Here they are together:

And now we're talking about spending money I have bought a MiniFee body from The Marketplace at DOA. It's for my WS Lishe head. Her name is Dagmar and she has a wig and eyes but needs a new face-up. I have already gotten a spot with the artist I want for her and I'm sending her off after New Years.

Then I just need to order a NS body for my Juri 2010 head. That's with the very talented face-up artist Xhanthi at the moment and so is Maylea's head. (My DollZone BB Ani) I'm so looking forward to seeing them done.

Back when I got the Juri head from Fairyland I was actually thinking of selling her. I didn't like her that much. Since then I've seen several Juri 2010s with beautiful face-ups and have fallen in love with her.



  1. The bear is really cute and I love Snowdrop's shoes. I'm looking forward to see Maylea and the Juri head too, I love Xanthi's faceups.

  2. Awww what a sweet little girl with her cute little bear! She's lovely Lene and I agree with Annefia, those shoes are very pretty!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx