Friday, February 13, 2015

Oops! That was an accident!

I'm expecting to get a shipping notise any day from DDE on my tan MiniFee Celine. Her name is Cinnamon and I'm really looking forward to her. I have both eyes and a wig picked out for her. When I ordered her I really wanted a tan LittleFee Ante Elf and a tan PukiFee Ante as well but I couldn't afford it.

Luckely Fairyland decided to sell tan LittleFees for their next even too so I ordered an Ante Elf January 31st. A couple of days ago someone on DOA said that DDE had some tan PukiFees in stock. So I went to have a look and . . . well I bought an Ante. Oops! To save some money I asked them to combine the shipping with my Celine so it might still last a while before I get her but she's comming home.

This means that when I get all three dolls I'm up to 50. It's a reliefe to know that there are people who are way worse then me. I am not insane. I am not insane. I am not insane. LOL

I really need to take some new pictures of most of my dolls but every time the weather has been just right I haven't had the energy to do it. So I'm sorry but no new pictures today.



  1. Ha ha ha Dustbunnie, you are as naughty as me. I have been trying to tell myself "I DO NOT NEED MORE PUKIFEES" (I have 9 already), but I think I will probably order at least one tan one during this event or/and maybe a tan Littlefee. Not over the moon with the even faceplates though. I will look forward to seeing all your new arrivals in the meantime. :)

    1. I have 9 PukiFees as well. Until tan Ante arrives that is. Don't you think 10 is a nice number? LOL

  2. LOL Nooooo you're NOT insane....just a very naughty girl ;)
    But hey, you can't take all those millions with you so may as well spend it now Lene whilst you see what you like! :)
    And 50? Well it's just a number isn't it, and some of those tinies, well squash them together and they really don't make up even 1 SD, so you could probably say that you have about 32 dolls and still get away with it!
    There you go....all sorted :)
    Big hugs Sharon xxxx

    1. I like the way you think. LOL I am naming this PukiFee Dot though as I plan for her to be my last PukiFee. We all know how Fairyland can ruin even the best dolly plans though.
      BTW I think it's unfair that it wasn't me winning the Euro Jackpot last Friday. 315 million Danish kr - that'd be a little over 42 million euro. That would have been SO nice. LOL
      Big hugs to you too, Lene