Thursday, May 4, 2017

A New Year and new things happening

I ment 2017 of course when I made those New Year's Resolutions. Honestly I did. *Looks very innocent*

So there's been a lot happening since I last posted here. First my Soony elf got a face-up. Her name is Sienna. She's a sweet kind of shy girl

Then I bought a LittleFee DES from The Marketplace on DOA. Her name is Vilja and she's a very willful little girl - and that's what her name means in Swedish. She's from Sweden so . .

The next doll I got was a LittleFee Lishe sleeping plate. Her name is Tulip.

My next doll was a tan LittleFee Ante Elf named Thandi. Her face-up is from Akara.

Look I've got elf ears!

Then there were the RealFees. A Pano named Hyld (Danish word for elder) and May named Kloever (Danish word for Clover)


Sadly (for her) Kloever's body was snached up by a PukiFee Juri face. Her name is Juni and I'm afraid she'll keep the body for ever.

There's been a few more dolls added to my family but they will have to wait for the next post.



  1. Blimey Lene it's been a while since you posted!! But it's great to see you back blogging and showing us the sweet new additions to your dolly family. I hope it'll not be as long next time, till you post again :)

  2. LOL Thanks Sharon and I hope so too.

  3. Okay Lene it's been a few months now, time for another update. If I know you, there's been more arrivals at your house. :) I can see from this post we have a couple more dolls the same.
    Love the face up Akara did for Thandi, it's gorgeous.