Friday, January 7, 2011

Very sad news

This isn't doll related but I just feel I have to post about it.

Tuesday morning I got a call from my friend Jytte's oldest daughter. She told me that Jytte had died the previous day (January third) in a fire. I have know Jytte for almost 30 years and even though we didn't have much contact the last years I still loved her. She moved to another city and she didn't have internet and wasn't the type who enjoyed chit-chatting on the phone. I always felt that if we met after a minut it would be like we talked yesterday.

Jytte had a very difficult life from her early childhood and had to struggle with a lot of problems but she was a fighter. She always fought so hard to make her life better and grow as a person. And she did do a lot of growing even though it was a slow process. I always admired her for her will to work through things. It feels so unfair that bad things continued to happen to her - and in the end it killed her.

She raised three beautiful daughters and she sertainly had a huge possitive impact on my life. I hope that she can finally have the peace and happiness she truely deserves. Goodbye my dear friend, you will always be remembered.


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